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Another Book Meme

Wow, these lists make me feel all kinds of out it! Yeesh! :)

A Book Meme

Taken from KnitPrincess :)

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've only read 6 and force books upon them ;-)


Holiday panic

I tend to set myself up this time of year to reach unscalable heights to either find the perfect gift or make the perfect gift for 45 or so of my closest friends and family. Yep, you read that right -- 45!!! We added it up last night, on this way over elaborate, and yet interesting to learn Access database.

Even if I cut out the 6 sort of add ons we had this year, we're still looking at way too large a number of gifts to find / make and of course mail. Yes, let us not forget that I have to MAIL as in US Post Office, everything. There are, and I kid you not, 10 people on my list that I can get away with actually handing said perfect gift to.

And no there is no way to do the old pull a name out of a hat, our families are far, far too complicated for that reprieve.

I suppose I could steal a scene or two from "Christmas with the Kranks" and boycott the whole thing -- except I have a young child, and I really kind of love the thrill of the hunt, the last minute adrenalin rush, the terror of not getting it right and resorting to my new favorite gift of all -- the gift car, and all of the rest of the fun that goes along with the holidays.

Well, maybe there will be a little more gift cards this year, and a bit fewer hand painted wine glasses. I mean after all it's been a full year in coming and here it is Nov. 28 and I haven't done a thing yet!

1. My son is an amazing, awe-inspiring gift

2. My husband who loves me despite myself 

3. Sabrina who listens to me and vents to me on equal terms and still loves me

4. My family including crazy ones, sane ones, ones I keep in touch with and ones I don't

5. My friends, most of whom I consider family

6. My good health as I've been pretty lucky so far

7. Having food in my belly when I want it, having a decent home, being able to spend $50 without putting our home or bills at stake

8. Having people who push me to do things because they know I'll have a good time even when I don't want to

9. Ability to think and some talent too

10. Did I say my son???


Q & A

From a friend's LJ w/my answers :)

* What is the most common compliment people give you?
Actually I have no idea on this one -- I'll have to put some thought into it...

PS shellsapoot You are a great mom!!! That's not odd!!!

* If you could see one thing ‘exposed’, what would it be?
The truth behind many government "secrets", I think maybe...

* What do you wish you had more of in life?
Time to be at home with my family
Money (not a lot, just enough, so I could more easily achieve objective wish #1)

Okay, so here I just have to write DITTO! ;)

and add: my own home!!! (which goes really nicely with #2 above)

* If you could rid the earth of 3 creatures, which 3 would you dispose of?
1. Mosquito's because they are blood suckers
2. Politicians who sell out because they usually wind up as blood suckers
3. Leeches because they are blood suckers

Not necessarily in that order.

* On a scale of 1-10, how hard of a worker are you?
Maybe like an 8.5, could be higher even. I'm actually a really hard worker when I'm interested in something, or am anxious about anything. Not saying I don't like my slacker time because I do! And if I'm not interested or am completely bored than all bets are off. I will however create projects that interest me to keep me focused and working.

* What is your favorite beer?
Guinness or home brews by friends!

But sometimes it's good for a laugh.

To understand what I deal with every day, watch this vid some design team put together:

It's fantastic (if a little long)

So many people think they can do my job because there are programs out there created so someone's hamster can make greeting card!

Oy! Like any other profession -- yes, it's  a REAL profession!!! -- there's knowledge behind every decision, sometimes it's intuitive, but most often it's understanding why things effect people, what makes people stand up and take notice, what gives people's eye a break, etc.

I've spent years (and several dollars) learning those rules, and yet very often myself and my brethren are treated as glorified typists (no offense, that too is a skill) and often told how to do my job.

Another great vid on this subject is:

<sigh> I guess I'll get back to it.

Enjoy your day!

Fahrenheit 451

 Okay, just starting Ray Bradbury's classic Fahrenheit 451. I read this eons ago as a teen, but didn't retain much apparently. So far, so good, except for this slowly dawning realization that the impact was probably a bit more powerful back in the 50's when it was written.

Okay, well, it will go towards reading a classic every 3 or 4 (or 10) novels of my regularly scheduled reading diet of fluff. I'll let you know.


So what's the deal? How do people get it all done? How can I do more, get less sleep, get more motivated. And how the heck do I become, at this old age, ambitious?

I'm tired and sleepy, could have gone to bed (yes, literally) hours ago, and I don't feel like I got a darn thing done. 

Yeesh! :)

Here I Am

A friend passed recently. It left me feeling the rush of not having done all of the things I want to do. What if I passed today and left behind all of these things that I have to do. I'm disorganized and in the middle fo about 50 projects... No one could come in a deal with this mess.

I was watching Barbara Sher on PBS last night, and she was talking directly to me. Well, okay, not really, but she completely nailed my personality, and all the issues that come with having a "scanner" personality. It was very interesting.

She touched on this one thing in particular -- the anxiety that scanners have about never having enough time. It is so true. There is never enough time (and energy) to do everything I want to do. Especially since I somehow have to fit in the regular day to day things, you know, like laundry, and cooking, and working full time. <sigh>

There's never enough time!

And here I am, panicked and almost immobilized by the thought that there's possibly less time than I expected... Oy!


 Yet another spot for me to not do any of the writing I always think I want to do :)

But this way I get to keep in touch with more folks and that is always a  good thing. So hi folks...